Exploring Randomness

Not so Natty Me

It's been awhile! Things happened and now I'm back. Hopefully this time I can commit to writing daily here. Little something about me: I am not a natty dresser. I am more on tees, shorts and slippers person. I don't like... Continue Reading →




The power of sun's Flames are reflected through the beauty of the night.   Note: Image used not mine. Credits to the owner. 

You and Me

  For Better Or Worse. This heart of mine will be yours Forever, my Love.

Miracle Garden

  Something  Vegetal Dubai's Miracle Garden Flowers' Wonderland


  Comb is all I need, To Primp and gain a little confidence today.

The Looks

  When he's having Second Thoughts. 🙂

Big Boy

  An Irksome walk at the parking area. 🙂


Still life light painting activity.

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