We had this exercise in our class, during our first day, wherein we are given a Bingo card that has qualities presented in each box that we can us in the interview. The instruction says that we have to write the names on the box of the ones that have the qualities listed in it. One of the qualities listed was “experience bullying.”

One of the qualities listed was “experience bullying.” I do believe that, at some point in our lives, we experienced being bullied or became a bully. We are all human. Bullies have their reasons or should I say, excuse, why they do that. It could be their insecurities or personal problems or whatever that is.  And those who are bullied have choices whether they want to remain that way or stand up for their right.

Life is a choice. Happiness is a choice. We have our choice. We can choose whatever path we want regardless of what state of life we are in right now. And whatever choice we make, we have to make sure that we are choosing it because it’s the right choice and it makes us happy.